Strategic Automated Content Marketing

KioMedia is a Strategic Automated Content Marketing marketplace built around the basic concept of relevant content, delivered consistently and over time will help develop authority in your industry. The KioMedia marketplace was meticulously crafted to provide an affordable content marketing strategy to businesses by honing in on the core requirements: relevant content, social proof and additional tools to maximize the reach and depth of each piece of content created.


Get Connected & Begin Market Domination

KioMedia accounts are free! This allows you to connect to the system and connect with our onboarding specialists. Accounts do more though! Each Profile within the KioMedia marketplace can be shared to multiple accounts. This is used to connect companies, departments and an unlimited number of social media accounts to your profile and ultimately your campaigns. KioMedia gives you control over your account, helping ensure that you can control the core brand messaging; while having the flexibility to bring others into the system to connect social media accounts for a broader social media engagement model.


Your Strategy Starts with Your Identity

Your account profile covers the key elements required to develop a solid and effective content marketing strategy. Your profile is; your business information, your website details and your social media identities. Your account profile sets the stage by providing key information to our authors about your business. This information is leveraged to develop ideas for article creation as well as developing the relevant content for your campaign.

Based on your account selection, KioMedia can help support a large number of profiles. This was designed for individuals with multiple businesses, tier-two websites which links back to your primary website; or simply to give you a tool for your business to support clients in their online content marketing strategy.


Custom Solutions that Fit and Work

The cycle builder is a robust tool which will allow you to develop a comprehensive content marketing cycle. A cycle is typically at least 4 weeks (or as long as 8 weeks), and supports title, articles, summary articles, videos, press releases, content syndication, recursive sharing, social proof and more

Each cycle is unique to your account, here you can develop a custom strategy designed to reflect your needs of the system; or leverage our pre-defined concepts to quickly launch a campaign.


Be Broad or Be Specific

Once your first profile is setup, it’s time to light up a campaign and get your content flowing. The campaign builder is an easy to use tool; which requires simple details and provides a summary of what matters most to develop relevant content for your online marketing strategy.

You can configure the campaign strategy, keywords, length of the campaign, even provide existing context examples. This process develops the core information for your content, which is then connected to your profile data to provide a clear and concise set of instructions that our authors use to create the content for your campaign.

Campaigns are available as a full service / fully automated solution or as a DIY model. KioMedia will build your schedule and provide notifications for content based on the specific requirements of your campaign type.


Real Writers at Your Service

We all have the best intentions to create content for our websites. However, like many New Year’s resolutions, we typically fall short of our goals and other business needs quickly trump blogging.

Our authors are all based in the United States, speak fluent English and many have college degrees. This provides a massive and affordable team of experts to help you fill this need in your business. All of the content creation services are reviewed and approved; by you. You can review each content article and approve, ask for edits, or reject if needed. This will help ensure that your final project aligns perfectly with your business plan.


Delivered to You, When Ready

Having an article is nice, a fresh and well written article sitting in your inbox waiting on you. That is not how it works with KioMedia. KioMedia is a comprehensive marketplace designed to ensure from start to finish, you have the option to Build, Schedule and then walk away.

Once your content is ready and available based on the schedule, KioMedia will publish the article to your Wordpress website. This helps ensure timely posts and removes one more task from your plate when it comes to managing your online content marketing.


Get Started Yourself and Build Success

DIY models are very popular and have grown in popularity over the past few decades. Often, just having the right tools can help you build your own solutions; while leveraging a system that will help fill in the blanks or expand your capacity. KioMedia provide a DIY model as part of every profile – there are no additional costs associated with launching campaigns using the DIY model.

KioMedia will still leverage the systems and tools to help manage your automated content marketing strategy, simply complete your billing, setup your profile, choose or modify a cycle and finally build your campaign. KioMedia will send you notifications to keep you apprised of what is due – including tools to help you be successful. Using the DIY model will allow you take advantage of the entire system and the tools that have helped many businesses succeed online.


Quickly See What’s Happening

Once your profile and campaign are created, our custom schedule builder will develop your online marketing calendar. This calendar will outline the upcoming articles, content and ideas. The calendar provides a quick at-a-glance view of where your campaign is at and the status of each content element.

For accounts with multiple profiles and/or campaigns, you can view everything at a glance or sort to view based on profile or campaign. This provides an easy to use tool to see where your full service campaign is at – or for the DIY clients, to know what content requirements are coming up.


Captivate your Captive Audience

The buzz these days is social proof. But what is “Social Proof”? Simply put, these are links that are available on Social Media platforms; which link back to your website. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. are powerhouses in terms of relevancy, traffic and authority. Often smaller websites lack the authority to simply post a blog and have it picked up quickly on Google search (SERP).

KioMedia changes all of this. Since our marketplace is uniquely connected to your website and social profiles via the Profile section of the application – KioMedia can publish your content and then automatically share the links to your article (website) directly on your social media walls. Since social media is a feed, sharing can quickly bury your links – however, KioMedia provides recursive/repeated sharing to help ensure that your exposure is maximized for your audience.

There is more! KioMedia will allow you to connect multiple social media accounts to a single profile. What this means? Many companies have their company Twitter account, the CEO’s, the CFO’s, a few employees, etc. Well, KioMedia will push your article (website) link and share across all of these accounts. It’s like having your entire company marketing your business.


Quickly See What’s Happening

Once your profile and campaign are created, our custom schedule builder will develop your online marketing calendar. This calendar will outline the upcoming articles, content and ideas. The calendar provides a quick at-a-glance view of where your campaign is at and the status of each content element.


General Stats of Past and Present

What happened and what’s next. Our simple reporting tool focuses on how many titles have been created, articles, content elements and what’s next. This at-a-glance model is available in the dashboard to provide a quick snapshot that the system is working and doing work on your behalf.

Free yourself from the arduous tasks of managing your content strategy.